Even professionals will go back to the basics of using a [tag]tee[/tag].   It helps batters focus on their target area to hit a baseball.   Encourage your players to use a tee to work on the fundamentals of hitting–[tag]a baseball fundamental drill[/tag].

What you need (set up):   You need a [tag]batter[/tag], a tee and several balls.

Baseball Fundamental DrillsHow this drill works:   If you have a batting cage this is great, but against the backstop also works just fine.   Raise or lower the tee to reflect the different heights in the strike zone.   This [tag]drill[/tag] isn’t intended for a player to smash the ball against the fence, but to iron out kinks in the swing.

Focus on hitting on top of the ball, striding towards the field (not the ball), swinging down on the ball and making solid contact with the ball.  

Results:   If a player is not so focused on hitting it out of the park and strives toward making solid contact with an easy swing and focusing more on the fundamentals of hitting, their improvement will be marked.

The ultimate result is to get players to stop swinging for the fences all of the time and to learn the basic of hitting.   Once a player can learn to make regular and solid contact at an early age, you as the [tag]coach[/tag] can impart to them that they will gain power as they grow older and gain strength.   Contact is more important at this stage in their [tag]baseball[/tag] development.