One of the many hats that being a [tag]baseball head coach[/tag] requires is knowledge of how to treat common injuries that occur with [tag]baseball[/tag] players.   [tag]Groin pull[/tag] is one of the more common injuries.Baseball Head Coach

Prevention:   Strengthen the groin muscles with resistance exercises, including laying on the ground with the legs in the air and pushing the legs together while holding a resistance band between the ankles.   The added resistance builds muscle in the groin area.   This exercise can also be done without a resistance band.   In both instances, the exercise should be done slowly, to achieve the full potential of the resistance.

Treatment and Recovery:   [tag]RICE[/tag] works for this [tag]injury[/tag] as well, as it does for most common sports injuries.   Rest the injury by avoiding walking, as the groin is used to stabilize the hip during walking.   Avoid stairs and hills during the recovery time.   Ice the muscle for 20 minutes, 4 times a day, for several days.   Compress the injury by wrapping it in a bandage to avoid swelling and to help stabilize the leg.   Elevate the leg whenever possible by ensuring that the injured area is above the heart.

Avoid stretching the muscle or do resistance movements while it is injured.   The injury needs 1 to 2 weeks to heal, and no exercise should be done during this time to aggravate the muscle.   After activity is resumed, ice the area after a work-out to prevent any additional swelling.   Stretching should be light at first, as should any running drills.   Avoid sprints and other sudden movements that could reinjure the area.   The area should be healed within 2 to 3 weeks.