These [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag] will liven your baseball practice for sure.   It is a favorite [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that I like to use for [tag]batting practice[/tag].  Baseball Hitting Drills

Split your team up into three groups. One group in the outfield, one group in the infield, and the other batting.

  • Have a [tag]baseball[/tag] coach pitch or someone that will be a good strike pitcher.
  • Each batter gets 16 pitches, assuming they are all strikes.
  • The first 2 pitches, bunt down 3rd base line. The next two pitches bunt down 1st base line.
  • The next 3 pitches will be a hit and run–the batter has to swing and get a piece of the ball no matter where it is pitched.
  • The next 3 pitches the batter has to hit the ball to the right side as if to advance the runner from 2nd to 3rd.
  • The next 3 pitches the batter has to hit a fly ball to the outfield far enough so a runner can tag from 3rd base and score.
  • The next 3 pitches he can hit anywhere.

Each time the batter does not execute the play, that team will get one point. The baseball team with the most points in the end will run a lap around the field, or whatever the coach designates. The team batting moves to the outfield, outfield moves to the infield, infield goes to hit. It’s kind of a fun competition for the players. You can have runners on base if you want to while hitting.