If you’re looking for fresh ideas for [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag] give this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] a try. It will become a favorite and you’ll see quick improvement in performance.

12 kids divide into 4 groups of three: Home plate – 1st base – 2nd base – 3rd base.

Use whiffle balls: each player gets 12 swings:   hitter-pitcher-1st base position 3rd base position.

Goal: lots of reps: safe environment:   Work on driving the ball up the middle.   Every player in motion, every player on task and kids assisting kids.   This takes 7-10 min.

For bunting we use real [tag]baseball[/tag]s, same positions.

Rotate:   hitter to first – first to pitch -pitch to 3rd – 3rd to hitter

Have to wear helmets and use their own bats.   If equipment was available I would like to use net with real balls and soft toss.