I’m often asked for advice for [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag].   Here’s a simple coaching tip that will pay huge dividends with your team.

I have a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] to work on the [tag]batter’s swing[/tag].   I have two tee’s and I put the ball on the closest to the field.   The other tee is slightly higher then the one that has the ball on it.   This forces the batter to break his habit of upper cutting.Baseball Hitting Drills

For ground ball fielding I place a bat in front of the fielders.   I roll a ground ball and they are forced to keep their feet behind the bat but theirs hands in front of the bat.   It forces them to field the [tag]baseball[/tag] out in front with the glove out.

For catchers blocking – First I teach them the correct form to block.   After that I tell them to go play outfield with the gear on.   I hit grounders at a decent speed and I tell them to block the ball correctly.   This get’s their mind set away from trying to catch low balls and trying to block them.

The biggest problems with blocking for catchers are their mind set.   They have been taught since young to try to catch balls in the dirt and now we are telling them to not catch them but block them.   This drill will help them with their mind set.