Jeff sent this one to me last week.   A great example of [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag] that doesn’t require a coaching PhD to figure out.Baseball Hitting Drills

From Jeff”¦
A really good [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that I have taught my own kids helps develop a quick, compact swing.

I have my boys stand facing a fence or a wall with their bat.   I tell them to put the handle of the bat (the end) against his chest, pretty much in the diaphragm area.   This is the “distance” he should stand away from the fence.   Then, getting in a regular batting stance, swings.   If they do it correctly, the bat should never hit the fence or wall.   If it does, we analyze the swing to make any corrections.

This [tag]baseball hitting drill[/tag] forces them to attack the [tag]baseball[/tag] with their hands, not their arms.   I think this drill is excellent and with good practice and repetition, all will have a quick, compact swing necessary to succeed in hitting!