This is one of the more effective [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag] I’ve used with my new players. You’ll be surprised at how quickly their [tag]batting skills[/tag] improve.

Cross over hit
You put a batting tee on top of the home plate.
You stand two steps behind where you normally stand at the plate.
You make a cross over (you put your back foot in front of the one in front, so your legs are crossed) an after that you make another step to come in your normal stance.
The moment you touch the ground with your front foot you make your swing and hit the [tag]baseball[/tag] off the batting tee.
The player will not think about his swing, but will completely focus on his steps.
The first time doing this will be at ‘normal’ speed, but the second or third time it must go faster.

My players enjoyed this exercise and hit farther away than normally.