Here are two simple yet effective [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag] that I use with my younger players. Both of them teach concentration as well as enhancing batting skills.

Double Tees
For the first drill I use 2 tees. Put a ball on a tee at home plate in the normal hitting position. Then go ten feet toward the mound and set up another tee with a ball on top. The players hit off the tee at the plate, trying to knock the ball off the tee at the mound.This teaches them to hit the center core of the [tag]baseball[/tag]. Each player gets ten swings.

Foam Golf Ball Drill
We use yellow hard foam golf ball for a hitting station in practice. They can be purchased at any large retail store, and the come in a bag of 24. Down on one knee out in front of the batter I bounce the ball into the “contact zone.” The smaller ball makes batter concentrate on the ball and teaches a quick, compact swing.

Optional: To increase difficulty replace bat with a piece of 1″ or 1 ½” PVC bat length capped on both ends. Create several PVC bats and experiment with filling them with various materials to add weight.