This idea on [tag]t-ball batting drills[/tag] comes courtesy of Andy, one of my subscribers. Teaching the correct batting stance is always a challenge with this age.   Give these [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag] a try with your t-ball team and watch the improvements!Baseball Hitting Drills

From Andy”¦

I think I have perfected how to get little guys and gals in [tag]Tee Ball[/tag] to remember their batting stance.

A lot of kids this age love to count. I’ve boiled the stance down to five steps once the kids learn where to stand in relation to the Tee:

1. I have them put their feet together.
2. I tell them to take a half step forward with their front foot.
3. I tell them to pretend they’re about to sit down and then stop so their knees are bent.
4. They put their back elbow up with the bat by their head.
5. Swing!

I have them count out loud with the other kids in line while they do their five steps. The longest I’ve had anyone go through without getting it is three times and they’re good for the rest of the [tag]baseball[/tag] season.