These [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag] are what we use to focus on [tag]bunting skills[/tag].

We set up set up six players who each have a [tag]baseball[/tag] and their mitt approx. 10 feet from a wall and 10 feet apart.

We lay down 6 plates and have a batter with helmets at each plate.   We have the “pitchers” pitch to each batter and have them square and bunt the ball back to the pitcher. As soon as you bunt, you move over one station quickly, set your feet and bunt again until you make it all the way through the line of pitchers. When you make it to the end of the line you run to the beginning of the line and give your bat to the next person getting ready to go.

After our players have quickly gone through twice, we have them grab their mitt and jump in line and take over and become a pitcher until everyone have been through the line twice.

The second phase is to set up two stations. Each station has a pitcher, catcher and batter with a home plate. These stations are separated by at least 20 feet and everyone in line has their helmet on for safety. Each batter is pitched two pitches and instructed to lay the bunt down or practice pulling back if the pitch is considerably out of the strike zone. After each batter has received 2 pitches, he gives his bat to the next person in line, and then moves to the back of the other line to face the other pitcher.

We normally run this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for approx. 20 minutes to make sure everyone receives plenty of reps.