Looking for [tag]baseball hitting drills[/tag]?   You’ve come to the right place!   Try out this idea below and let me know how it goes for you.Baseball Hitting Drills

From Robert”¦
Here’s a [tag]baseball batting drill[/tag] that I use:
3 different sizes of 1″ PVC pipe (I coach 10U team so I have 26″, 28″, & a 30″ pipes)
Bucket of golf ball size wiffle balls
Bucket of [tag]baseball[/tag] size wiffle balls

Using the pipes as bats, I have them start trying to hit the golf ball wiffle balls as many times as they can.   I vary from tossing it from the side, just behind them, and also from the front.

This can be a very frustrating [tag]baseball drill[/tag] so I like to show them how much they are improving by first tossing a few of the baseball size wiffle balls to let them see how they are striking them and then again after the drill and they can usually see a substantial increase in not just the number of hits, but also how much more centered they are hitting them.

Then they end up wanting to do the drill more.