This [tag]baseball hitting instruction[/tag] was sent to me from Down Under.   Give it a try to see the improvements in your team’s batting skills. This is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that works great for my 11 and under [tag]baseball[/tag] team here in Australia.

Fence Batting DrillBaseball Hitting Instruction
I get my boys to use a modified “baseball bat” which is a piece of broomstick about 22 inches long, with duct tape wrapped heavily on one end for weight.

I have them grip the “bat” properly (gripping the untaped end) and stand about the length of the “bat” away from a   wall or fence. Then, they simply swing the bat, slowly at first, and   gradually build speed till a full swing develops.

I find this helps to shorten the swing arc and increases the bat speed at the same time. I have developed quite a few power hitters from this simple [tag]baseball hitting drill[/tag]. Fair dinkum!