This is a hitting game I use for [tag]baseball hitting practice[/tag] to increase “at bat percentage” hits under pressure.   As a [tag]baseball coach[/tag] I am always trying to come up with a fun game to wrap up practice and create a good competition as well; this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] works!

All players are lined up in dugout in order ready to hit.   The baseball coach is pitching.
Drill is run in rounds.

First Round
Every player at bat until they get a fair hit. (Allows every player to see pitches and get at least one hit and the coaches to see how every player is hitting.

2nd Round
Each player has 3 strikes to get a fair hit. (balls don’t count, but if a player lets a strike go by, it counts) Foul tips keep you alive
Each player who makes a hit goes to the end of the line, any player who does not get a hit grabs their glove and gets on the field.   Any player in the field who catches a fly ball is back in the line up.

3rd Round
Same as round 2, but only 2 strikes to get a fair ball hit.   Foul tips keep you alive

4th Round
Only 1 strike, but ok to foul off a pitch.   If you foul one off your still alive and stay in the box until you either miss a strike, or get a fair hit.

5th round –
1 Strike, no foul tips.   If it is a strike and you swing and miss your out, swing and foul your out, strike and watch it, your out.

Run this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill until there is only one standing.   That player wins and gets some predetermined prize.