Special thanks to Patrick for sending this one in.   If you’ve every struggled to come up with new ideas for [tag]baseball hitting practice[/tag], give this one a try!Baseball Hitting Practice

From Patrick…
Drill:   In, Out, Up the Middle

This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] can be used during [tag]baseball practice[/tag] or as an individual or team competition.
Place 2 cones on the edge of the outfield grass, 1 behind the shortstop and 1 behind the second baseman. This divides the field into 3 areas.   Place 2 strips of tape from the front of the plate to the back to divide home plate into 3 equal sections. Place a pitching screen close enough to home plate that you can control the location of the pitch.

As each pitch approaches the plate, the hitter must call out the location as he starts his swing (in, out, or middle) and hit the ball to the appropriate part of the field.

Example: Right-handed hitter: Inside pitch– hitter should call out “in” and pull the [tag]baseball[/tag] to the left side of the infield. Outside pitch– hitter should call “out” and hit the ball to the opposite field. Pitch down the middle; hitter calls out middle and hits the ball back up the middle.