Coming up with new [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] for your T-ball players can sometimes be a challenge.   Here are some [tag]baseball hitting training aids[/tag] that Brenda and TJ sent in that are working great for them.   Try them out and see how they work for you.Baseball Hitting Training Aids

From Brenda”¦
We direct our 5 year old T-ballers [tag]hits[/tag] with a simple idea. To ensure a well placed [tag]hit[/tag], we tell the kids that if the play is on 1st base move the right foot 1/2 step towards 1st base as this stance will promote a hit to left field. If the play is on 3rd, move the right foot 1/2 step backwards towards 3rd base which promotes a hit to right field.

Even 5 year olds can remember to move the foot towards the base where the play is. Usually the opposing team is calling out the play, which helps our [tag]hitters[/tag] figure this out on their own. We call it “one step forward, one step back, hit the ball into the gap”.

From TJ”¦
T-Ball — Thunder Stick Drill
Materials Needed:
Plastic practice golf balls
Easton Thunder Stick (Training device for improving [tag]hand-eye coordination[/tag], about the same thickness of a broom stick, except it’s aluminum).

You can do soft toss or pitch the practice golf balls.   GREAT hand-eye coordination tool!!!