Randy, one of my readers, sent this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] to me last week.   This is a great drill for [tag]baseball hitting training[/tag] that doesn’t require a coaching PhD to figure out.Baseball Hitting Training

From Randy”¦
Great Drill–We call it the “Tennis Ball Drill”

Hitter stands in the [tag]batter[/tag]s’ box.
Partner stands on outside corner with a tennis ball in hand.
He will bound the ball just in front of the plate.
At the bounce, [tag]hitter[/tag] will load-stride.
At the bounce, partner will yell “fastball” or “curve ball”
Hitter will hit the “[tag]fastball[/tag]” on the way up.
Hitter will hit the “[tag]curve ball[/tag]” on the way down.

This is a great drill to keep hands and weight back and it is one of our favorites.