If you’re trying to find an effective, fast paced [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that teaches fielding skills and conditions your players at the same time, try this baseball drill.   These [tag]baseball improvement drills[/tag] will become favorites and your players will ask for it.

Relay Race:
Place players into groups of four.
Each group forms an evenly spaced line with the first player on the right field foul line and the other players in that group extending toward center field. Make sure you keep plenty of space between the groups.

When the [tag]baseball coach[/tag] yells “go” the first player in each group throws to the second player, second player throws to third player, third player throws to fourth player, fourth player throws to third player etc. until the [tag]baseball[/tag] is returned to the first player.

At first, the focus of the baseball drill is to ensure proper and accurate throwing and turning into the glove hand when receiving and turning to throw (there is NO race until these skills are developed).

Once proper skills are being employed by the players you add the speed and competition of the race to see which team can can go down and back without a dropped ball or overthrow the fastest.

As the season goes on increase the race to down and back twice or even three times!

I like to provide a little incentive by giving the 2nd place team 5 push-ups, 3rd place team 10 push-ups, and fourth place team 15 push-ups. (HINT: Choose four players to pick teams alternating one at a time to get the initial teams; after the first race rotate only the players in position 1; after the second race rotate the players in position 2 etc..to keep things interesting).