Coming up with simple effective [tag]baseball improvement drills[/tag] can be challenging.   Here is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that seems to work well with younger players but all ages can benefit.   I call it the shuffle drill.

Basically what you do is have one player about 10 feet from a [tag]baseball coach[/tag] who is on one knee.   Have the player bent over in his ready position to field a ground ball.   The coach then rolls a ground ball to the right of the player, the player then fields the ball with both hands (using no glove) and flips the [tag]baseball[/tag] back to the coach as quickly as possible.  Baseball Improvement Drills

The coach then rolls a grounder back to the left of the player and the player has to shuffle his feet across, staying in a crouched position to field the ball.   Do this around 10 times back and forth.   Then go to the next player.

Object of this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is for the player to be able to shuffle his feet as quickly as he can and field the ball with both hand trying to stay in front of the ball.