One of the most common plays that lead to errors in minor league [tag]baseball[/tag] is hitting the cut off man when a ball is hit to the opposite field and a player is tagging up on either second or third base.  Baseball Infield Drills

What you need (set up):   You should have a second baseman, shortstop and a third baseman in the infield, along with a right fielder.   A base runner will occupy second base during this drill.

How the drill works:   At first, the coach can simply give the ball to the right fielder and then signal for the play to begin.   This takes the element of trying to focus on catching the ball out of the equation until the player understands the concept of hitting the cut off man.

The right fielder should be playing the ball to the cut off man (second baseman) and then the second baseman to the third baseman to try to get the tag out.  

This [tag]baseball infield drill[/tag] can also be run with a left fielder and a base runner on third base.   Then the drill would be from the left field to the shortstop and then to home plate.   Further, you can add the extra element of catching the ball once the players understand the importance of hitting the cut off man.