One of the areas that coaches often neglect is [tag]baseball infield footwork[/tag].   Read Jay’s idea below for a great suggestion on this topic!Baseball Infield Footwork

From Jay”¦
I have a [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that may be of use to you! Teaching kids to get in the right position to pick up [tag]ground balls[/tag] in the [tag]infield[/tag].

Even older kids have a hard time understanding the term “circle the ball” and “[tag]catch[/tag] the ball out in front and just inside of your glove hand”.

So, I take some thin rubber and cut out five or six left and right feet. I place them on the ground to show them the direction they should take when circling the ball. Then I place a ball on the ground in front of and just inside of the forward foot and make them go through the drill several times to get them used to getting their butts down and their gloves open with both hands down on the ground to scoop up the ball.

This drill has produced some great [tag]infielders[/tag] and cut down the errors a bunch.