I’m often asked for suggestions for a [tag]baseball outfield drill[/tag].   Here’s a [tag]drill[/tag] sent in by Scott that will pay huge dividends with your team.Baseball Outfield Drill

Here is one for the group:

Outfield 5-Point Drill

Setup: Bucket on Home Plate, 4 base runners at 2B, 4 in LF, and 4 in RF (medium depth)

  • [tag]Coach[/tag] hits one hopper to the outfield alternating between LF and RF.
  • 2B runner takes a lead and attempts to reach home before the ball hits the bucket.
  • Outfielders are awarded 2 points for hitting the bucket, 1 point for a throw online but over the bucket, and zero points for an errant throw or if the runner beats the throw.
  • The first outfielder to reach 5 points wins the round, and the groups rotate stations. Repeat 3X and a water break.

This is a challenging drill: great for [tag]conditioning[/tag], accurate throws, and the players love the sound of hitting the bucket.

Variation of this [tag]outfield[/tag] drill:   Include a Pitcher and Second baseman and work on “˜Cutting’ the ball to second on Coaches command.

Coach’s Perspective: I get a good look at the player’s setup, catching motion, crow hop, and throw.