Try these [tag]baseball outfield drills[/tag] with your team. This is for young outfielders who may not be reacting to the [tag]baseball[/tag] when it is hit, rather they wait until it gets past the infielder before reacting, which often times is too late.
Baseball Outfield Drills
Break the team into four groups.
Each group lines up, one line near second base on the shortstop side, one line near second base on the 2nd baseman side, one line in left field, one line in right field.

You can go with just two lines for smaller teams.   Four lines keep the players from standing around.   Have two [tag]baseball coach[/tag]es hitting balls to the outfielders from near home plate.   Coach the outfielders to be reacting to the ball when it is hit.   Start with grounders then move to fly balls.

Before the ball is hit, an outfielder from each outfield line steps out of the line and gets set. Once the ball is hit to the outfield, each infielder (shortstop and second base) plays the cutoff man for their respective outfielder.   The two sets of outfield/infield pairs run independently of each other.   Once an outfielder makes the play and throws to the cutoff man, he then runs to the back of the infield line.   The cutoff man throws the ball into the coach and runs out to the outfield line.

You can also add another set of lines for catcher to help the coaches.   Then the cutoff men would turn and throw home to their respective catchers.   You can switch it up from grounders to fly balls.