I have found that there are a wider variety of drills available to infielders, so I looked for inventive ways to add some spice to the [tag]baseball outfield drills[/tag].   This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] also   sneaks in some conditioning!

Position one [tag]baseball coach[/tag] in each of the standard outfield positions. All players line-up single file even with the baseball coach in right field beginning at the right field foul line and extending into foul territory. All players need to have a glove and [tag]baseball[/tag].

One at a time the players run toward the coach in right field – when close enough, and while still running, they underhand toss their ball to the coach and say either “Post” or “Flag” and continue running toward the coach in center field.

The coach in right field will then throw a fly ball over the left (“post”) or right (“flag”) shoulder of the player attempting to force the player to catch the fly ball on the run. The next player in line enters the baseball drill while the first player repeats the process with the center field coach etc. until all the players are in line on the left field foul line.

The drill is then repeated in the opposite direction beginning with the left field coach. No need for a breather on this one as the players have plenty of time between the end of their run and the start of the next one. (HINT: Increase conditioning by reducing the number of players in the drill.)