Special thanks to Roger and to Mike for sending these in. If you’re looking for new ideas for [tag]baseball pitchers drills[/tag] , try these out!Baseball Pitchers Drills

From Roger…
Idea- This is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for the pitchers. Simple but very effective. We do 6 sets of 10. The catcher has a ball and the pitcher has a ball. The pitcher pitches the [tag]baseball[/tag] and the catcher throws the other ball back as quickly as you can. The pitcher runs back or hurries back to the mound and is ready to release as quickly as possible. He will pitch as fast and quickly as he can not really worrying about where it hits as much, but how quickly he can get another ball and pitch it.
Good cardio workout.

From Mike…
A [tag]baseball pitching drill[/tag] that I like to do with my team is a one-hop drill. Utilizing the width of a gym, have your baseball player throw the ball as hard as he can keeping the ball low and hitting the floor in front of the catcher.

This drill teaches the pitcher the proper release point and cuts way down on high pitches.