I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]baseball pitchers drills[/tag] over the past few days.   Here’s an idea that was sent to me. I’ve included it here for you to try with your team.Baseball Pitchers Drills

From Robert”¦
I coach 13U boys.   Here is a [tag]baseball pitching drill[/tag] that I do for the pitchers on my team.   I call this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] 1-3-7.

The boy gets 10 pitches and in those 10 pitches he must try to accomplish the following:
1-throw the first pitch for a strike so that they practice getting ahead of the hitter
3-they must throw at least 3 strikes in a row within these 10 pitches
7-they must throw 7 of 10 pitches for strikes.

I’ll repeat this drill 1-2 more times based on how much time we have in practice.

Then, based on the results, I’ll announce the Cy Young winner of the day.   The boys love to be the Cy Young for the day and they all love to compete against one another.   They ask me all the time now if we are doing the 137 drill today in practice.

I find this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill helps them to concentrate on just throwing strikes.   It sounds so generic-but we all love a challenge and if they missed throwing that 1st pitch for a strike the first time, they concentrate that much harder the next time to do it.