One of my readers actually suggested this idea for [tag]baseball pitching drills[/tag] recently.   I’ve included it for you below. Keep ’em coming!Baseball Pitching Drills

From Paul…
With young [tag]baseball pitchers[/tag], I watch their balance and mechanics to start.   I start with the full wind up to help them understand the tempo necessary to throw strikes. The rock step, bringing the leg to your body with a pause to gain your balance, the stride toward the plate, the arm angle, the release, and the follow through to a balanced position to get ready to field your position. Too many kids forget they are a   [tag]baseball[/tag] fielder in this position as well as a thrower.

I progressively get the [tag]baseball drill[/tag] faster until the motion becomes second nature to the player and they can throw strikes consistently. Once I feel comfortable they have the balance down, we then incorporate fielding bunts and driblers down the line at full speed so the player can understand he has to go right or left or get ready for line drives.