Here’s a trick I use when coaching the “new” kids in pitching. These [tag]baseball pitching drills[/tag] are ones I have used over the years and they become favorites with your [tag]baseball[/tag] players as well.   I call this [tag]baseball drill[/tag]–What’s the Number?

Often while the kids are getting comfortable stepping towards home and with the length of their stride, they lose sight of the fact that they need to play their position and be ready to field the baseball. Young kids will get focused on mechanics and as you know, they learn much faster when they’re having fun!

To keep the kids looking up at the catcher, I’ll have the catcher hold up his hand after the pitch and show either 1, 2 or 3 fingers. The pitcher needs to tell me (I’m standing behind the pitcher) what the number is.

I will signal the catcher behind the pitcher’s back how many fingers to hold up and we’ll keep score.   The kids quickly get into the habit of looking at home after the release and being ready to field the ball.

Another favorite coaching tip for determining flight of a fly ball: With your throwing hand, point at the ball and track it. If your arm is dropping, then run forward to the ball. If your arm is rising, move back.