This idea on [tag]baseball pitching drills[/tag] comes courtesy of Brian.   Give this a try at your next practice.Baseball Pitching Drills

From Brian”¦
Double [tag]catcher[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag]:

I like this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill to maximize pitcher and catcher work.
Have a [tag]pitcher[/tag] on the mound throwing to a catcher behind the plate.
Have a second catcher to the left of the first catcher beside a bucket of balls.
Have a SS and 2B and 3B and LF in the field (and baserunners at 1st and 2nd if you want).   The pitcher throws a pitch to the catcher who throws to 2nd to get the runner stealing.   SS covers 2nd and the 2B backs up.   The second catcher has a ball in his hand and when the pitch hits the 1st catcher’s mitt, he pops and throws to 3rd (3b covers and LF backs up the play).

This drill can exercise your pitchers, catchers and [tag]fielders[/tag] in a fairly quick paced drill.   Rotate in pitchers and have the catchers trade places so they each get throws to 3rd and 2nd.