Special thanks to Don, one of my subscribers, for sending in these [tag]baseball pitching tips[/tag].   If you’re struggling with coaching young pitchers, you should try his [tag]baseball drill[/tag] and suggestions.   Great advice!Baseball Pitching Tips

From Don”¦
Curve Ball Introduction:

I will teach a [tag]baseball pitcher[/tag] to throw a curveball once he had command of his fastball and control of a change-up.   Once a pitcher has those pitches mastered then he will not have to rely on his [tag]curveball[/tag] as much in games- especially as he would be younger, facing inexperienced hitters and having an inexperienced catcher.   I explain this to all of the players that I coach to help alleviate the pressure for young players to throw curveballs before their bodies are ready.

I teach this by telling the pitcher not to snap his wrist on the curveball as this will cause increased stress on the wrist and elbow as his arm gets stronger.   The grip on the curveball should be one with the index and middle finger together with the middle finger resting on one of the four long seams on the [tag]baseball[/tag].   A pitcher should concentrate on pulling his arm down into his belt buckle and allowing the ball to travel over his fingers and towards the plate.   This will allow him to use the larger muscles in his arm and not his wrist and elbow.