If you’re looking for some effective, low cost, fun [tag]baseball pitching training aids[/tag], try these [tag]baseball drills[/tag] using water balloons that Dave sent in.   These work well and are perfect for those hot summer days!Baseball Pitching Training Aids

From Dave”¦
Drill 1:
Here is one of my [tag]baseball training[/tag] ideas. As you know there is a right way to avoid being nailed by a wild pitch.
What I do is, have a Batter get ready to hit baseballs in batting practice. They should have their helmets on, batt in hand, and ready to bat. As I’m pitching baseballs to them, I will randomly pitch a white water ballon right at them!   If they turn away and bend over, the worst thing that will happen is get a wet back or behind. It’s great fun on a warm day, and it takes the fear out of being plowed by a wild pitch.

Drill 2:
Here is another [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that I do to teach Pitchers to get ready for the ball to get hit right back at them. You will need a pitcher and a catcher and a batter.

The pitcher goes about his business throwing pitches to the catcher. The batter stands just out of reach of the incoming balls and swings at them, but doesn’t hit them. The [tag]baseball[/tag] coach or player stands right behind the catcher (with protective gear on) and throws a white water balloon right back at the pitcher while the batter is swinging the bat.

This teaches the pitcher to be ready for a line drive right back to him. The worst thing that will happen is that the pitcher will get soaked. Once again it’s a fun drill to do on a warm day.