Thanks to Hank for sending this one in.   If you’ve every struggled to come up with some new [tag]baseball plays[/tag], you MUST try this out!Baseball Plays

From Hank”¦
Here’s a [tag]baseball play[/tag] we like to use quite often because it works almost everytime.

With runners on first and second and less than 2 outs we start the runners to commence a double steal.   The batter will square around to bunt but pull back at the last instant.   What usually happens on defense is this:   the 3rd baseman (along with the 1st baseman) will come charging in to field the bunt; 2nd baseman will cover first; in 9 out of 10 times the Shortstop will fail to cover 3rd base leaving it unprotected…thus the catcher cannot throw to third to nail the man coming from second.

Bingo…double steal, and a chance to score 2 runs now on a single and it also eliminates the force play.

Occasionally, we will actually bunt the [tag]baseball[/tag] just to confuse the defense and prevent predictability.