Often times during a game, players will be called upon to get a runner around the bases with a fly ball or a bunt.  This is one of the [tag]baseball plays[/tag] used to teach this. Baseball Plays

What you need (set up):  A full infield, a batter and a runner on first, second or third. 

How this drill works:  The batter must get the runner to the next base, but only using one of two plays:  a bunt, or a sac fly.  The fly ball must be deep enough to advance the runner and the bunt needs to be effective enough not to be a double play ball. 

Batters should work on hitting a fly ball on purpose and also bunting to the best areas to avoid outs.  These skills are important in this game situation.

Result:  This is one of the most common plays in [tag]baseball[/tag].  If you can get your team to execute [tag]sacrifice plays[/tag] with regularity, then you will notice your overall run total increase considerably. 

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