For our [tag]baseball practice[/tag] I set up a three station practice almost every time unless I want to work on a specific area of need.

Station one is hitting off the Tee into the fence.   A [tag]baseball coach[/tag] will place balls on the Tee and the batter will continually hit off the Tee while the coach is giving technique advice.

The second station the player will go to is the [tag]pitching machine[/tag] where a coach will send [tag]baseball[/tag]s at the batter where they will continually hit to another player who is shagging them back to the coach.

The third station is a Shortstop ground ball to second base and then a throw to first.   The players line up at shortstop and I send one to first base and one to second base.   I then hit a ground ball to the short stop and after they field it they throw it to the second baseman and the second baseman then throws it to the first baseman.

All players then round robin the positions until they switch with the batting drills.   The hour, hour and a half practice seems to hit all the basics.