Special thanks to Brandon and to Rich for sending these in.   If you’re looking for fresh ideas for youth [tag]baseball practice drills[/tag], you should try these out!Baseball Practice Drills

From Brandon”¦
Soft hands [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] ~ Plain and simple.

Bare-handed, players roll a ball back and forth slowly on a roll and field the ball in front of them.   They bring the ball up into their bodies and ready themselves to [tag]throw[/tag].   (I explain that as a receiver catching a ball in a drill, you don’t just stop, you turn [tag]upfield[/tag] and run)   20-30 reps, 20 -30 backhands, and then throw on a glove and do it again!

From Rich”¦
Hit a [tag]grounder[/tag] or [tag]line drive[/tag] at an [tag]infielder[/tag] and have fielder make the throw to the catcher. Your [tag]catcher[/tag] tosses out a short [tag]bunt[/tag] in front of the plate so that the infielder has to keep charging.

As soon as the infielder fields the bunt and tosses it to the catcher, throw (or hit) a pop fly back out so the infielder has to catch it over his or her shoulder or head.