These are very effective [tag]baseball practice drills[/tag] to use with younger players who are still learning base running and very useful for those practices where you want the team to run a little more.Baseball Practice Drills

Start with 2 even lines behind home plate.   One line aligned to run just inside the first base line, the other aligned to run just outside of the base line.
On the whistle (or [tag]baseball coach[/tag]’s command), the front person in each line sprints towards first base.
The [tag]baseball[/tag] player starting on the outside of the baseline will run THROUGH the bag just as they would on an infield play, returning to first base   to await the next whistle.
The player starting on the inside of the base line will round first and run to (and stop at) second (also a good chance to practice sliding)
On the next whistle.
The next 2 in line repeat the above sequence.
The runner previously at first will run to third.
The runner previously at second will continue home.

After returning home, have the players lineup in the opposite line for their next turn.   You’ll find the kids love it and ask for it!