Here is one of the [tag]baseball practice drills[/tag] I picked up at a clinic in Arizona last spring.   Try this out with your team tonight!

This is an advanced infield [tag]baseball drill[/tag] called Elimination and should be done with softer balls for younger players.
Set up your infielders and backups in their position for a play at home plate.
In order by position a [tag]baseball coach[/tag] hits line drives at each player.
The player must field the ball cleanly and throw home.
If the player bobbles the [tag]baseball[/tag], misses or makes a bad throw home, he is eliminated.
Game continues until all players are eliminated except 1.
When it comes down to the last two players, if both players miss they remain in the game until one player misses and the other makes the play.
To make the game more interesting, all players that have been eliminated must run laps until the game is completed.
Baseball Practice Drills
This game puts players in a game situation where they have a runner in scoring position and they must get the out at home.   You can also play Outfield Elimination with fly balls and throws to the cutoff or home.