If you’re searching for [tag]baseball practice drills[/tag] that cover all the basic skills, try this one.   It is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that I like to use to begin a [tag]baseball practice[/tag].

With a roster of 12 Players it is easy to split the players up into 3 groups of 4 players each.   Put one group on 3rd, one group at 1st and one group at home.   The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] will stand at the plate and hit the ball (grounders) to the player at third who must be ready to field the ball cleanly and make the throw to 1st.   The player at first must stretch correctly for the [tag]baseball[/tag] and then quickly throw home   (on the third base side of the plate and the player at the plate to put the tag down).

Rotate each player and then rotate groups.   Each player when you are done will have had to field grounders, make a throw to first, make a stretch and catch at first, make a throw to the plate correctly and make a catch a the plate and put a tag down.

A fun baseball drill that moves quickly and the kids love.