One of my favorite [tag]baseball practice drills[/tag] is a game simulation drill. This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is really fast and gives the baseball players an opportunity to move like they would in a game situation.

Divide your [tag]baseball[/tag] team into two groups. Put half of them at short stop and the other half at second base.

You will need four [tag]baseball coach[/tag]es, adults, or older siblings, etc to make this work. You will need someone at first and third base. Take the other two adults and put them near the pitcher.

The adults then start throwing grounders to the players with just enough time for them to field and throw before another baseball comes for them. The balls do not go to the same place, leaving the kids to think on their feet and move quickly.

After three balls, the next player goes up and the fielder goes to the back of the line. The kids at 2nd will throw to 3rd and the players at short will throw to 1st.