This is one of the [tag]baseball practice drills[/tag] sent to me recently.   It is an excellent [tag]infielders drill[/tag] that works well with all ages. Give it a try with your team.Baseball Practice Drills

Cap Drill—use this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] when infielders are showing the bad habit of fielding the [tag]baseball[/tag] too deep between his legs, or not squating at the knees, thus dropping his head parallel to the ground. If you can see all the eyelets of the baseball cap when he fields the ball.

Player will put bill of cap in his mouth, holding it with his teeth.   To start, start drill with cap upside down, then as he gets better, turn cap top up, so it is facing players face.

Points of Interest:
1) Forces player to keep chin up, thus keeping eyes up.
2) Player must keep his hands out in front   of him, better form.
3) The player cannot simply bend at the waist or cheat.   He will not be able to see the ball going into his glove.
4) This is a solid drill that has helped my players at all levels.