The object of this drill is to get the fielder’s body (leading with shoulders & hips) in proper throwing posititon, alignment and gaining momentum towards 1st.


  •       Position fielder at S.
  •       Have 3 markers 3″² or so apart on an angle towards 1st to the left of the fielder.
  •       Have the same set up to the right of the fielder as well.
  •       Roll the ball to the fielders left side.
  •       Fielder fields ball in deep short and aligns lead shoulder and hips towards 1st.
  •       Begin crow hop/shuffle step at cone 1, release ball at cone 2, follow thru to cone 3.
  •       Runner jogs back to position & repeat for right side.

Coach should emphasize the importance of rounding the ball on the right side to get on a proper throwing path towards 1st.
Variations:   Slide Stepping rt. & lt. side, Crossover Steps rt. & lt. side, Backhand rt. side.

This drill can also can be utilized for 2nd throwing to 3rd or SS and 2nd throwing home.