Baseball Practice DrillsAs a [tag]baseball coach[/tag] you’re always looking for fresh ideas for [tag]baseball practice drills[/tag].   Try the [tag]baseball drill[/tag] below and you’ll be covering pitching and hitting skills with your players.

Here is a [tag]baseball[/tag] drill we use to work on pitchers and hitters at the same time.
Needed: Pitcher and Catcher, Left Handed and Right Handed Batter, Baseball, Home Plate

Drill: Pitcher pitches to catcher working on locations and pitch selection (optional) while right handed and left handed batters stand in their respective batters boxes working on hand eye coordination. Without bats, batters swing at the pitch and depending on the pitch location batters will swing to either take the baseball the other way or pull the ball.

Keep in mind the two batters swings will be different depending on the ball location. An inside strike to a right handed batter will swing to pull the ball while a left handed batter will swing to take the ball the other way.