Thanks to Rob, one of my subscribers,   for sending this one in.   If you’re searching for fresh ideas for [tag]baseball practice drills[/tag], you should try this out!

Always start [tag]baseball practice[/tag] with warm ups, a jog, and then two lines facing each other and throwing.   Nothing new here and probably what a lot of teams do.Baseball Practice Drills

A new twist this year is that while the [tag]baseball[/tag] team is throwing, divide them into two teams (team 1 and team 2) for the rest of the practice.   One team is runners and while the other team fields. Do this for situation [tag]baseball drills[/tag] on defense and then for station hitting drills.   During defense you can now work on a number of things at once and only have maybe a few players actually standing and not doing anything.   They do not stand long though as the runners are constantly moving.

For instance, have your fielders working at SS and 2nd covering first while the runners are at 1st running to second.   The “extra” fielders are in the outfield positions and practicing moving to back-up second.   The runners are working on their rocking and timing leaving first, sliding at second, etc.

For Hitting I get one of the teams out along the grass between 2nd and third and then maybe three hitting stations along first base line.   A couple of tees and maybe a soft-toss station.   After one team rotates through the stations then we switch and the other team fields while one team hits.