You must have at least 12 players and two or more coaches to use do these [tag]baseball practice drills[/tag]. I sometimes ask parents to volunteer, during this [tag]baseball drill[/tag], to act as a [tag]baseball coach[/tag].   I call this the Chinese Baseball Drill.

-Divide the players into four teams.
-One team plays outfield.
-The second team plays first, second and third base.
-The third team will bat and run the bases.
-The fourth team will make up the short stop, pitcher and catcher.

-To make the drill go faster, the inning will be for only two outs.
-After the batting team has two outs against them, they become the out field and the previous outfield becomes the first, second and third basemen, with the previous basemen becoming the batting team.
-This process continues until everyone has had a turn at bat.
-The short stop, pitcher and catcher rotate to the batting team last ,only due to the necessary time it will take to change out the safety gear of the catcher.

-While the drill is being played out, the coaches or stand in coaches go around to each player, coaching them to the particular position the player is playing at that moment.

-This drill allows every player to get a variety of fielding experience.
-The short stop, pitcher and catcher also get their practice.
-All players will also get their batting and base running practice.

On days that we are limited to maybe an hour practice, the drill rotates around enough that each player usually gets several turns to bat. I find this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill very useful and the players absolutely love it. Once you use this drill one time, the players will request it often.
Occasionally when playing against other teams, I will have a player that for various reasons do not show up for a game and this drill makes it real easy to find other players on the team with some knowledge and experience to replace the missing player.