Coming up with new ideas for [tag]baseball practice ideas[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge.   Here’s a [tag]baseball play[/tag] idea from John that has works well.Baseball Practice Ideas

From John”¦
I feel the same about same old same old [tag]baseball practice[/tag]…things like cover home plate just doesn’t motivate a pitcher to run and cover home plate after the pitch, when there is a runner at third.

Kids react and respond better and quicker when I shout out an easy Spanish word that grabs their attention. For example, when the opposing [tag]baseball[/tag] team has a runner on third and leads off the bag I shout out “plancha“.   The pitcher instantly runs to cover home plate, the catcher positions himself in the catch and throw stance, third baseman knows to run parallel with the runner, shortstop covers third base.

One of two things happen–the runner panics and quickly returns to the base or keeps running because he sees the third baseman running beside him.   If this happens I have the catcher sell the throw to the shortstop covering third and and third baseman stop and drop; if the runner commits to run the catcher can easily run towards him and apply the tag.

–   first the Spanish word is a simple catchy phrase that is for word association only
–   second the third baseman must take off with the runner to distract him
–   third the catcher must keep the ball in the mitt, but convince the runner he made a strong throw to third.

This baseball play typically works once in a game, after that they don’t attempt a steal home.   I always say keep it fun, keep it simple.