Try these [tag]baseball practice plans[/tag] to teach your baserunners how to improve their [tag]base stealing[/tag] skills. We teach all base runners to steal and to steal our way in this [tag]baseball drill[/tag].

Speed Kills–a Base Stealing Drill
1) Foot is outside the base along the side nearest the outfield at 1st base and 2nd base and on the foul line at 3rd base–not placed on the bag or pushing against it or resting in front of the bag toward the next advancing base.
2) The outside bag take off gives a couple of milli-seconds head start toward a safe steal.

It is nearly impossible to be called for leaving early because your entire foot is resting against the bag as you take off and come forward.   Your foot at some point is still in contact with the bag and with proper technique you are 3 feet closer to being safe and still have contact with the bag.

With break away bases or softy bags and the best cleat designs ever the push off to steal is as old as wood bats–way out dated and even leads to frequent injury and season ending ankle damage or worse.

Give this new idea a try and you and your [tag]baseball[/tag] team will   be amazed   and proud at the results.