It seems simplistic but one of the best [tag]baseball practice tips[/tag] I have found to keep the players interested in taking their game to the next level is to demonstrate a new [tag]baseball drill[/tag] to them, run them through it a few times and then the next time we do it, have players run the drill.   The players are then trying to help each other get the most out of the drill and they all learn. This has added benefits for all involved as it is also a great way to form team cohesion.

Give this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill called “crossfire” a try using the suggestion above.   Players form 2 lines at SS and 2B, with a player at 1B and 3B, and a catcher for the coach at home plate.   The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] alternates hitting ground balls to the SS and 2B; the SS throws to the 1B, the 2B throws to the 3B, and both 1B/3B throws to the catcher at home.   After the player takes a grounder, he goes to the back of the other line he wasn’t in.

Do this for about 10 minutes, and it gets the kids in pretty good shape.