These [tag]drills[/tag] for [tag]baseball practice[/tag] were sent to me recently by one of my readers–well planned and effective for all ages. Try them out with your team!Baseball Practice

From Jason”¦
We use a combination of these [tag]baseball[/tag] activities/[tag]skills[/tag] to [tag]warm up[/tag] our position players each day. We benefit by not only warming up but by practicing specific skills. It is also our hope that this will help our kids to focus more than if they are just playing partner [tag]catch[/tag]. Players are matched up with other players from like positions and then complete a series of these skills.

1. One knee arm path
2. One knee rake and freeze
3. One knee rake and throw
4. Standing “T” drill
5. Side Transfer
– Crouch
– Squat
6. Force Plays
7. Tag Plays
8. Long Toss
9. Quick Toss
10. Four Corner (footwork and [tag]throwing[/tag] to bases)

Middle Infielders
1. Underhand Flips (four corner)
-2B counter clockwise
-SS clockwise
2. Turn and Throw (four corner)
– 2B counter clockwise
– SS clockwise
3. Jump Pivot (2B four corner)
– Counter Clockwise rotation
4. Stand and Throw (SS four corner)
– Clockwise rotation
5. Back Door (2B four corner)
– Counter clockwise
6. Back Hand (SS four corner)
– Clockwise
7. Pivots (four corner)
8. Long Relays
9. Short Relays
10. Step through and follow
11. Step through, shuffle and follow
12. Step through, shuffle, shuffle and follow
13. Short hops
– Long throws
14. Long Toss
15. Quick Toss

Corner Infielders
1. Under hand flips (1B, four corner)
2. Tag Plays (four corner)
3. Starting the DP (four corner)
4. Short Relays
5. Slow Rollers (3B, ball in glove work on footwork)
6. Back Hand footwork (partner, ball in glove work on footwork)
7. Glove Hand footwork (partner, ball in glove work on footwork)
8. Step through and follow
9. Step through, shuffle, and follow
10. Step through, shuffle, shuffle, and follow
11. Short Hops
– Long throws
12. Long Toss
13. Quick Toss