These are   two [tag]baseball drills[/tag] that all my kids love and ask for each week in their [tag]baseball practices[/tag].

One is to make two boxes out of cones about 12’X5′ and line the kids up. The [tag]baseball coach[/tag]es try and roll the baseballs past the players. The players, using soft hand mitts, have to get low, stay   low, throw low and make good throws back to the coaches. Each player has to catch the ball in the box; if it goes out they let it go and wait for the next ball. Each player races to complete 5 then the next in line jumps in.

Here is a [tag]bunting baseball drill[/tag] that can be used indoors in narrow building or on the field. Baseball Practices

Set up cones down 1st and 3rd base line with a 3′ wide path down both. Have the kids bunt tennis balls, [tag]baseball[/tag]s or whiffle balls.     If they hit it down the narrow row they get the base for free, if they bunt it out front they have to run with fielders using soft mitts to make the play.   Teams of 4 or 5 work best for this [tag]baseball drill[/tag].