Sometimes the only way to break up a double play is by running towards the player rather than the base.   [tag]Baseball running drills[/tag] are a great way to teach this. Baseball Running Drills

What you need (set up):   You need a shortstop, second baseman, a runner on first and second base secured in the infield. A player running from home plate to first is also needed. The [tag]coach[/tag] will stand in the middle of the infield and roll grounders to the second baseman and shortstop.

How this drill works:   The runner at first must understand that they need to try to disrupt the flow of the double play at second base.   To do this, they must anticipate which side the infielder will execute their throw to first at.   Therefore, they must choose the left side or the right side of second base.  

Usually, if the second baseman is throwing to first, the runner should slide to the left of the bag as the infielder goes over the bag as they run to it.   If the shortstop is throwing, his or her momentum is usually taking them to the right side of the bag, so that’s where the break up should occur.  

The coach will roll the grounders to the infielders and the runner must then decide which side to break the play up on.   The infielders try to make the double play on the runners.

Result:   Your [tag]baseball[/tag] players should be able to anticipate the side of the throw to first, and slide accordingly to break up the double play.  

Note:   Make sure the runners don’t stray too far from the bag, and don’t go into their teammates too hard, as it can cause injuries.