[tag]Baseball[/tag] has so many different defensive combinations, and it is important for players to understand their responsibilities and to make the play when they are called upon.  

What you need (set up):   You need to field an entire [tag]defensive[/tag] team for this [tag]baseball skill drill[/tag].   Along with that, you need one or two runners for this drill.   The [tag]coach[/tag] will be setting up different scenarios with the runners.Baseball Skill Drills

How this drill works:   This is your standard fielding drill, but with a twist.   It isn’t just a throw to first, although it could be.   The coach can set up any number of different plays to cover.   It could be a player stealing bases, a fly ball with a runner tagged up on third, or a potential double play ball.  

The good thing about this drill is that the players don’t know what the drill is going to be.   They need to read and react to the play that is going on.  

Results:   Once your players go through all of the different situations, they will become more prepared to deal with those situations when they happen during a game.